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Loving Eurogames

Loving Eurogames

A Quest for the Well Played Game | Scott Erway

2018 Griffin Creek Press
Auflage: 1. Auflage
92 Seiten
ISBN: 978-0-9996696-1-7

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“Thank you for this LITTLE book which is a GREAT read. It gave me some very enjoyable hours of insight and contemplation.” ~ Dr. Reiner Knizia, Knizia GamesHow do YOU play ?Aspiring to the Well Played Game can profoundly shape our characters – for the better! After 35 years of gaming together the authors noticed that the lessons they learned around the game table were helping them and their family in all sorts of ways. This is their love letter to the hobby of adult board games. It examines the role of these games in the formation of our characters as we learn to win and lose gracefully. It looks at the cognitive biases that can trap us when we are learning to think strategically and tactically. Those courageous enough to play are considered questing heroes caught up in the timeless drama of the three act play. From the opening curtain when the board is first set up, through the climbing pressure cooker of the middle game, and on to the final curtain when the score is tallied and the winner announced, personalities are tried and tested and character is formed. Not a travelogue, this is an exploration of the philosophy of the royal Eurogame.If you are new to the hobby, here is a guide to what seeking the well played game looks like. For veterans of the Eurogame, here is a celebration of the deeper meaning in these unique game designs. Oh, and if you are a couple, this book is your unabashed invitation to try two person gaming. Perhaps you too will find a lifelong source of fun to share.“Everything I needed to know about life, I learned playing Eurogames.” ~ Elizabeth Erway

    The Table, the Playground, and the Front PorchIntroduction
    Our Love Letter
    Who We Are            1 A Questing We Will Go
    A Life of Games
    Why Eurogames
    To Play is Divine2 Game Magic
    More Than Meets the Eye
    The Microcosm
    Aesthetic Sensibilities3 The New Game
    The Box
    The Rules
    Teaching the Game4 The Old Game
    Master Class
    A Game Collection
    Favorite Two Player Games5 The Well Played Game
    Losing Gracefully
    Winning Gracefully
    Living Gracefully6 Carving Character
    Gaming With Children
    Losing Streaks, Winning Streaks
    Honing our Probability Sense7 Gaming Proverbs
    The Ten Suggestions
    The Six Karma Mechanics
    The One CommandmentBibliography